Rural Mental Health

It’s prohibitively difficult to access mental-health services in rural America.   That’s because, relative to urban areas, rural counties have so few mental-health professionals. The majority of nonmetropolitan counties in the U.S. don’t have a psychiatrist, and almost half lack a psychologist. The paucity has resulted in a public-health crisis—rural Americans suffering from a psychiatric condition…

sober holiday blog post with tips on how to stay sober

Staying Sober During the Holiday Season

Tips for Protecting Your Sobriety during the Holidays and Preventing Relapse Seven tips for staying sober, preventing relapse and avoiding the holiday blues ‘Tis the season of glad tidings and good cheer, but for people in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, the holidays can be an especially trying time to stay healthy and sober.Unrealistic…


Meth addiction is an epidemic

Sean Romin, left, an addiction specialist who’s been clean for 15 years, speaks with Michael Welch in downtown Los Angeles. (Dania Maxwell / Los Angeles Times) Column: Meth addiction is an epidemic, and it’s complicating the homeless relief effort By STEVE LOPEZ COLUMNIST  JUNE 29, 2019 5 AM She was ravaged by drugs, a young…